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Never lose track of your finances and your provision. No needless inputs with the help of our intelligent free solution.

  • Simple and secure
  • Transparent and smart
  • Your finances and contracts at a glance
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With bankz you are always in control of your finances and your contracts.

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bankz analyzes your account turnovers. If you want to know if your bank is supported, enter your 8-digit bank code here:

Benefits for you

Illuminate your finances

Get an overview of all your transactions and contracts within a short time

Manual categorization

Your earnings and expenses are automatically presorted, but you can personalize your financial overview.

Peergroup comparison

Compare your insurance coverage situation with similar profiles and discover new potentials.


Use bankz as a one-click solution to organize all your different bank accounts in just one app.

How it works

Lean back and watch in a few minutes how fast and easy bankz sheds light on your finances. Let us convince you of its advantages.

Safety & data privacy

Your data is only accessible to you and secure at any time. We use them exclusively to create your financial overview.

bankz is operated exclusively via German data centers, which are subject to the current and strict national security guidelines.

Here you can find our data privacy statement:
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Illuminate your finances

  • Connect all your bank accounts
  • All your transactions at a glance
  • Cumulative account balances in real-time

Manual categorization

  • Automatic sorting of your transactions
  • Personalized categorization
  • List of all your current contracts

Peergroup comparison

  • Identification of your peer group
  • Anonymously & straightforward
  • Discover your insurance coverage potentials

With bankz you are always in control of your finances and your contracts.

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